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Clergy & Staff

The Archbishop of Toronto
& Metropolitan of Ontario
- The Most Rev'd Colin Johnson

- The Very Rev’d Douglas Stoute,
   Dean & Rector
- The Rev’d Canon D. Brinton OGS,
   Sub-Dean & Vicar
- The Rev'd Dr Walter Hannam,
   Associate Priest, and Vicar of
   St. Bartholomew's, Regent Park
- The Rev'd Simon Davis,
   Assistant Curate
- The Rev’d David Bousfield,
   Pastoral Associate
- The Rev'd David Hoopes OHC,
   Pastoral Associate

Dean Emeritus
- The Very Reverend
   Duncan Abraham

Honorary Assistants
- The Rev'd Canon Susan Bell
- The Rev'd Pearce J. Carefoote
- The Rev’d Canon Edmund Der
- The Rev’d Orville R. Endicott
- The Ven. Thomas M. Greene
- The Rev’d Canon
   Elizabeth Kilbourn-Mackie
- The Rev'd Canon
   Kate Merriman
- The Rev'd William Watson

Music Department
Robert Busiakiewicz,
   Director of Music
- David Briggs, Artist-in-Residence

Other Ministries
- James Liu, Mandarin Ministry
- Jeff Nowers, Young Adults
- Brian Raney,
   Children's Ministry,
   Student Outreach,
   Drop-in Coordinator
- Rae Struthers, Pastoral Counsellor
- Lanadee Lampman, R.N.,
   Parish Nurse
- Gloria Wiebe, R.N., Health & Foot
   Care Clinic Coordinator
- Nancy Mallett, Archivist
   & Museum Curator

- Rob Saffrey, Director
   of Operations & Finance
- Joanne Spence, Dean’s Office
   & Donations
- Carmen Schultz, Accounting Clerk
- Wendy Pappas, Receptionist

Property Management
- Bianca Szkop, Property Manager
- Frank Cormier,
   Assistant Property Manager
- Emile Rhinelander, Senior Sexton

Facility Rentals
- Lucia Al-Zaiatova,
   Event Operations Manager
- Olga Sein, Event Coordinator
- Meredith McKay, Event Coordinator
- Megan Lumgair, Event Coordinator

The Cathedral Website
- Website Design & Administration:
   Kerry Dickson, Brian Dench
- Photography: Michael Hudson
- Web Hosting: TheIncognitoGroup

The Cathedral Church of St. James

The Cathedral is located on the north east corner
of King & Church Streets

The Cathedral Centre is located on the south east corner
of Church & Adelaide Streets
65 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2E9

Phone, fax and email:
Phone: 416-364-7865, Fax: 416-364-0295,

Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

The Cathedral is open during the following times –
everyone is welcome:
Monday – Friday: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday: 7:30am – 5:30pm



The Cathedral is located at King & Church streets,
3 blocks east of Yonge, in downtown Toronto.
The Cathedral Centre (office) is located immediately north of the Cathedral
View a list of PARKING available nearby.
(Parking in the Cathedral lot is very limited).


Cathedral Governance

Cathedral Wardens
People’s Warden: Angela Carroll
Deputy Warden: Don Solomon
Rector’s Warden: Larry Enfield
Deputy Warden: Angela David
Cathedral Council Members
Derek Allen, Lorrane Boodhai, Gerry Courage, Kirsten Fielding, Edwin (Ted) Hawken, Peter Mara

Ex-Officio Council Members:
Bob Hart, David Ferguson (Finance/Audit), Rob Saffrey (Operations), The Dean, The Sub-Dean

To contact the wardens, Council members, or Synod delegates, please call or email the main office (416-364-7865)

Lay Leaders

Altar Guild: Sheila Goulet
Amnesty Action Circle:
   Carol Burnham-Cook
Archives & Museum: Nancy Mallett
Book Club: Ruth Davis
Carillon Bells: Annie Odom
Change Ringers: Madeleine Cheesman
Greeters: Maria Johnson
Health Council: Sheila Goulet
Lay Visitors: Sheila Goulet
Outreach Committee: Angela Carroll
Servers & Sacristans:
   Paul Seddon, Leslie Derbecker
Sidespersons: Jim Kerr
Stewards (9:00am): Rob Haines
Tour Guides: Nancy Mallett
York Group: Ann Abraham